Buy magazines!

I’m quite proud of a few recent pieces that aren’t FREE ONLINE. Put down some cash for:

“Made in Toronto:” in the November issue of Toronto Life, profiles of some of Toronto’s remaining factory workers, with photos by Dave Gillespie. Go Wildcats! Edit: it’s up now.

“Tweet Justice:” in the December issue of the Walrus, a profile of social media savvy Edmonton social worker Mark Cherrington. Edit: It’s now online.

But you should still buy magazines (or digital access), you freeloader.

That Girl is Obsessed with Race

From the Globe:

A review of Wayne Grady’s new book, “Emancipation Day,” about a man who passes as white in post-WWII Windsor, Ontario.

And my thoughts on…sigh…”Blurred Lines,” and why Notorious B.I.G.’s confused consent anthem is vastly superior (but still sexist, ok, I never said it wasn’t sexist).

Stay Regular

Some recent work in the usual places:

In The Grid, real estate roundups on properties for sale…

Near yoga studios
Near baseball diamonds
In the Icon complex
In Parkwoods-Donalds

and in the Globe and Mail, my very important summertime opinions on

The tragedy of children who die when forgotten in car seats on sweltering days
Why we should chill out on the air-conditioning

A Royal Brouhaha

kate-william--zIn the Globe, a column on the ridiculousness of Royal Bump Watch, the historical sins of the British Empire and the fact that said bump will almost certainly be Canada’s head of state one day.

This provoked hundreds of intense, often racist reactions, so I wrote a response to that.

Good luck pushing, Kate!