How I Eat: Snacks


More on me stuffing my face. Here’s breakfast and lunch, if you’re interested.

During the workday I generally have two snacks: an apple and a granola bar. They do the job. Sometimes I get tired of granola bars, but I can’t think of anything equally portable and filling. On occasion I will bring cheese and crackers, but I don’t like to eat too much cheese because sometimes it makes me break out, especially stinky cheese, which as you might guess is one of the great tragedies of my life. Sometimes Le Jenk will buy baby carrots and I will take those. It makes me feel virtuous but unfulfilled to eat them. I’m happier if I can dip them in hummus. If I have to buy a snack during the workday, I will either get soup, if I’m attempting health-consciousness, or chips, if I’m being honest.

I don’t really have a sweet tooth, so when it comes to junk food, for me it’s all about chips, chips, chips. By far my favourite potato chip is plain Ruffles. My mouth is literally watering at this moment. The crunch! The salt! The grease! Eaten with a yogurt+parsley+lemon dip, it’s a snack from the gods. Plain tortilla chips with a good salsa (do NOT bring me Tostitos) or guacamole is also a favourite (or Attit’s strawberry salsa, if I’m that lucky). Que Pasa tortilla chips are the best kind. When I was younger I swear I ate chips like every other frigging day. Now, probably once a week. Once I get crunching, it’s hard to stop. Aside from plain Ruffles, I like salt and vinegar, dill pickle, jalapeno, sour cream and onion, Lay’s or Miss Vickie’s. I don’t like all dressed. Plaintain chips or fried channa are also good. Crunchy, salty grease is the way to my heart.

I do like dark chocolate, and have been known to eat it while watching The Wire in on weekday evenings, but now that Le Jenk and I have finished watching the whole series, so when will I eat dark chocolate? So many things about finishing The Wire are sad.

In terms of non-water, non-alcoholic drinks, I like the occasional ginger beer, or an Arizona green iced tea. I’m not into soda, really.

If I am visiting my parents, the best snack is doubles. If you live downtown and think the doubles in Kensington market are good, you are wrong. Go to the suburbs immediately: either Mona’s Roti in Scarborough, or Drupati’s Doubles and Roti in Etobicoke. You’re welcome.